Sarah, 26

Sarah - Customer Profile - VanderVeer Center

The Trendsetter

Sarah feels confident and beautiful most of the time, but she’s always wanted fuller lips like her favorite reality star, and she’s concerned that her skin never healed from her teenage struggle with acne. Sarah’s VanderVeer Lift® Program includes a dermal filler for plumper, reality-show-worthy lips, Dermapen microneedling with PRP to help lessen her acne scars and smooth out her skin. We also added just a touch of Botox to help fade the beginnings of crow’s feet and not allow them to develop further. Sarah’s Facebook friends keep telling her she’s “glowing like a Kardashian,” and she agrees.

Treatment Plan

  • Botox for crow’s feet
  • 2 vials dermal filler for lips
  • Dermapen facial with PRP for enlarged pores and acne scars