Jim, 48

Jim - Customer Profile - VanderVeer Center

Proactive about his Health and Appearance

Jim’s out in the dating scene again, and with dating apps, it feels more competitive than ever. He wants to look as young and vigorous as he feels, so his VanderVeer Lift® program includes a PRP Facial with Dermapen treatment to give him a more youthful glow, VBeam® Perfecta to help reduce redness, and Botox to smooth out his crow’s feet. His already-handsome chin can be defined with Kybella injections, and he decided to finally do some manscaping on his back and shoulders with laser hair removal, allowing him to feel like he can take his dates to the beach with no worries. Now it’s a whole new Jim, and whole new possibilities.

Treatment Plan

  • Botox for crow’s feet
  • Laser hair removal – back & shoulders
  • Jawline sculpting with Kybella
  • PRP Facial with DermaPen
  • VBeam® Perfecta for Rosacea and Redness