Janet, 52 and Jeff, 54

Janet and Jeff

Figured out the Career, Ready to Advance


Janet’s still achieving at work, and she’s looking for that slight edge over her younger colleagues. Her goal was to tighten her chin, face and neck, so we created a unique VanderVeer Lift® program that began with a Kybella treatment to get rid of the stubborn fat under her chin, then an Ultherapy treatment to revive the collagen and elastin in her face and neck, along with IPL for lifting off sun damage. Lastly, we boosted her confidence by treating her spider veins with sclerotherapy. Now, she runs every meeting with confidence and her signature flair.


Jeff is an entrepreneur with enough years in the business to know way more than the upstarts he’s competing with—he’s just hoping to up his confidence a little with a refreshed look. We created a VanderVeer Lift® program for Jeff beginning with GentleYAG® treatment to tighten the skin on his face and neck, and IPL to safely and effectively treat his sun damage and brown spots from his many years in construction. Finally, we recommended CoolSculpting® body contouring to help get him closer to his youthful physique. His message for the competition? Bring it on.

Treatment Plan

Janet’s Treatment Plan:

  • Ultherapy for face and neck
  • Kybella for chin and jawline sculpting
  • Sclerotherapy for spider veins
  • AccentXL® body contouring / skin tightening
  • IPL for brown spots and diffuse redness

Jeff’s Treatment Plan:

  • GentleYAG for skin tightening
  • CoolSculpting® for fat loss and body sculpting
  • IPL for brown spots