Caroline, 57

Caroline - Customer Profile - VanderVeer Center

Ready for a New Day

Caroline has a new relationship and a new job, and wants to put her best face forward for both. She was concerned about her fine lines and wrinkles, so we created a VanderVeer Lift® that began with Botox for her crow’s feet, brow lift, and frown, and plumped up her cheeks and temples with Bellafill for that youthful volume. We then treated her face, neck and decollete with Ultherapy to tighten and renew her skin by stimulating her own collagen growth. She felt self-conscious about her uneven pigmentation and enlarged pores, so we used a series of light chemical peels to help give her back a smooth and even look. And finally, we used CoolSculpting® to help her get rid of that last stubborn fat that wouldn’t budge no matter how many sit-ups she did. She’s never been happier at work and play, and we’re happy to have played a part in that.

Treatment Plan

  • Botox for wrinkles
  • Dermal filler for temples and cheeks, with Bellafill – long-lasting filler
  • Ultherapy face / neck / decolette
  • Peels for pigmentation and enlarged pores
  • CoolSculpting® for stomach and muffin top