Andrea, 42

Andrea - Customer Profile - VanderVeer Center

Went to a family reunion; knows who she doesn’t want to look like

After returning from her family reunion where she saw the deep lines on her aunt’s faces, Andrea knew she had to do some preventive procedures. Her personalized VanderVeer Lift® Program included Botox to quickly reduce frown lines and dermal filler to help reduce the appearance of marionette lines around her mouth. To help lift and tighten her skin, we recommended Ultherapy for her midface and neck, and Kybella injections to reduce fat deposits on her chin and jawline. Finally, we offered her spa-like CoolSculpting® treatments to help reduce the stubborn fat on her stomach and thighs, leaving her feeling confident and ready to attend next year’s family reunion with confidence in her brighter future!

Treatment Plan

  • Botox for frown lines and wrinkles
  • Dermal filler smile lines and marionette lines
  • Ultherapy for midface / neck
  • Kybella for chin and jawline
  • CoolSculpting® for stomach and thighs