Blake, 36
The Competitive Professional
Her industry demands that her looks are as sharp as her skills.
Jim, 48
Proactive about his Health and Appearance
Wants to know what he can do to stay competitive in the game.
Karen, 58
Mother of the Bride
Wants to look as young as she still feels for her daughter's big day.
Louise, 72
Age is Just a Number
Ready for her third act and wants to look refreshed and natural.
Caroline, 57
Ready for a New Day
Wants to look her absolute best to take on the world again.
Sarah, 26
The Trendsetter
Keeps up with the latest trends on social media. Wants celebrity lips and preventative treatments.
Janet and Jeff
Janet, 52 and Jeff, 54
Figured out the Career, Ready to Advance
Want to stay competitive in the professional world.
Laurel, 49
Curious about Sexual Health Solutions for Herself
Done having children, not done having sex. Interested in feminine rejuvenation.
Andrea, 42
Went to a family reunion; knows who she doesn’t want to look like
Worried about her wrinkles, marionette lines, and neck.
Scott and Jennifer
Scott, 39 and Jennifer, 42
Concerned about Thinning Hair
Looking for non-surgical solutions for hair restoration.
Megan, 37
Attending her class reunion
Can't wait to see her old friends (and that ex-boyfriend) and own the room.